iPad Air和Mini新机初体验

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本文摘要:If youre the undisputed tablet market leader, how do you one-up yourself? Simple. With serious upgrades to the full-sized iPad and iPad Mini.如果你是平板电脑市场无可争辩的领导者,你不会如何超越自我,之后领先输掉呢?很非常简单,下大力气升级全尺寸iPad和iPad Mini。


If youre the undisputed tablet market leader, how do you one-up yourself? Simple. With serious upgrades to the full-sized iPad and iPad Mini.如果你是平板电脑市场无可争辩的领导者,你不会如何超越自我,之后领先输掉呢?很非常简单,下大力气升级全尺寸iPad和iPad Mini。This Tuesday, Apple (AAPL) introduced the iPad Air, a redesigned full-sized tablet with 9.7-inch display that takes design cues from the iPad Mini, including diamond-cut chamfered edges and thinner vertical borders. The Air moniker refers to the tablets newfound lightness: at 1 lb., it weighs .4 lbs less than its predecessor. (Its also 20% thinner overall.) The iPad Air begins shipping on Nov. 1, starting at $499 for the 16-gigabyte WiFi version and $629 for the 16 GB version with 4G cellular network connectivity and going all the way up to $929 for a 128 GB version with 4G cellular network capability.本周二,苹果公司(Apple)发售了iPad Air。

这是一款经过全新设计的全尺寸平板,屏幕尺寸为9.7英寸。它的设计启发来自iPad Mini,这一点主要反映在钻石切割成的斜边和更加较宽的竖边框上。

“Air”这个名字主要是所指这款平板所超过的全新轻巧水准:它轻1磅,比上一代要重0.4磅(也厚了20%)。iPad Air将于11月1日发售,16G的Wifi版起价为499美元,16G的4G版售价为629美元,128G的4G版售价则低约929美元。Up close, it looks how youd expect: like the iPad Mini, only, well, bigger. But the lighter weight is immediately noticeable and welcome, bringing it within spitting distance of the iPad Minis .75 lb featherweight status. So users keen on this larger model will find its easier to hold for longer stints.近距离仔细观察,它的外形完全符合大家的预期:它和iPad Mini很像,就是大了一点。

但你立刻就能感觉到它轻巧,这不会让它更加热门,也让它和重仅0.75磅的iPad Mini完全不分伯仲。讨厌这款大尺寸的用户不会找到它更加便利抵肩,也能拿得更加幸了。The Air houses the A7 processor, the same chip found in the iPhone 5s, launched this September. With 64-bit architecture, Apple says iPad Air users can expect faster overall performance, but huge performance gains will become noticeable as more developers code apps specifically for it. Truth be told, the previous iPad, with its swift A6X processor, was no slouch, but everything on iOS 7 runs a tad smoother. Certainly, during my hands-on with the tablet, apps -- with the sole exception of Facebook -- launched faster.Air用的是A7处理器,和今年9月公布的iPhone5S处理器同款。苹果回应,凭借64位的架构,iPad Air用户可以享用到更加慢的整体性能,而随着更加多开发者为这款处理器度身打造出应用于,它的性能将获得明显提高。

说实话,老款iPad用的A6X处理器也不慢,只是iOS 7的应用于跑得更加慢了。实质上,在我临死前玩这台平板时,它的各种应用于——除了Facebook外——显然运营得更慢。The award for most improved ought to go to this years iPad Mini, which ships in late November, beginning at $399 for the new iPad Mini with 16 GB and $529 for the iPad Mini 16 GB with 4G. Having spent months with first-gen model, I found much to like. (Indeed, 7 inches to me feels like the ideal tablet size.) But the Minis Achilles Heel was a low-resolution 1,024 by 768 display. On its own, the screen was adequate, but compared with recent iPhones, MacBook Pros, and the full-sized iPad, text and media appeared inferior and pixellated.不过,“大幅度提高”奖应当颁发这次发售的iPad Mini,它将在11月下旬销售,16G版的起售价为399美元,16G的4G版售价为529美元。

我应从第一代iPad Mini早已好几个月了,很讨厌它(我实在7英寸是很理想的平板尺寸),但美中不足就是那块1024*768的屏幕。从它本身来说,这块屏也不够了,但是跟最新款的iPhone、Macbook Pros和全尺寸的iPad一比,它的文本和视频表明就相形见绌,颗粒感过于强劲了。Thats no longer the case. Now, it sports the same resolution as its larger sibling, but actually benefits from its smaller size. (If you found it hard to pick out pixels on the regular iPad, it should be even harder on the Mini, thanks to a higher pixel density.) In practice, everything appears just as you would expect: sharper, clearer and brighter.现在这种局面再一好转了。

它享有了和全尺寸平板分辨率一样的屏,但又更加获益于较小的尺寸(如果你找到在全尺寸平板上较为漂亮出有像素点,在Mini上就更加无以了,这主要是归功于它更高的像素密度)。实际用于中你不会找到一切正如你所预期:更加锋利、更加明晰,也更加暗淡。If there was one surprise, its that Apple didnt carry on the tradition of using last years parts in this years model. The Mini runs off the same A7 processor as the iPad Air and iPhone 5s. This translates to processor performance up to four times faster and graphics eight times as fast as last years model, according to Apple. And while we didnt have enough time alone with a Mini to verify the veracity of the companys claims, everything appeared to zip along just as quickly as the Air.如果说有什么惊艳的话,那就是苹果公司这次仍然在新款产品中使用去年的零部件了。

Mini使用了与iPad Air和iPhone 5s一样的A7处理器。据苹果称之为,这使它与老款比起处理器性能慢四倍,图形处理能力慢八倍。